Tuning In the Tuned-Out Student

Staci Araiza | 01 February, 2019

            Tuning In the Tuned-Out Student

Educators need to explore how to design teaching strategies and school structures to reflect the needs of learners, not the needs of teachers.

Tinkering with the old structures is not enough—a little discussion, a little group work, moments of activity, occasional projects.The old structures reflect a tired concept of teaching as the delivery of information.

As new research provides new insights into the workings of the brain, schools need to be completely rethought to embody new concepts of learning. Teachers and researchers may someday work together to design schools that look like teaching hospitals—places that bring together teachers, researchers, teachers-in-training, students and even parents.

In the meantime, teachers might benefit from thinking more about learning and less aboutteaching.Helping students tune back into learning is addressed inour Colorado teaching instructionalcourse,Tuning in the Tuned Out Student.