Welcome and thank you for your registration with Colorado State University Pueblo and The Division of Extended Studies – Teacher Education Program! 

Below are two items that are necessary to ensure your student access to your CSU Pueblo information and transcripts.

  1. Please send your registration confirmation number you received from CSU Pueblo to your Provider to help expedite the delivery of your coursework, materials, account set up, and also keep a copy for your records.
  2. Activate your NetID, see instructions below under “NetID Account Activation.”

CSU Pueblo transitioned to a new student records system called Banner, and your Personal Identification Number (PID) will transition to a NetID. The change will require all existing students to activate their new NetID to access transcripts and other student information.

Your CSU ID is your NetID 9 digit number without the "C."     

A NetID provides access to unofficial transcripts and your student PAWS account. Your NetID will stay associated with you as long as you take courses with CSU Pueblo and are used for future account reference. Your NetID without the “C” in the front is called a CSU ID.

You MUST activate your NetID to access the CSU Pueblo Student Portal called PAWS. Activations take a few simple steps and should be done at your earliest convenience. Let’s walk through the steps.

• Use this link to load the activation website:

• If the fields do not populate, please use this information:

CSU ID: $CM_Banner_ID$


• Checkmark ‘I’m not a robot’ and click 'Send.'

• Login to your email (listed above) and click the link in the email you receive. (Check your spam folder if you cannot find the link.)

• Follow the steps to set up your recovery email and NetID password.

• Use your NetID as your login name and the new password. The password is valid for one year after activation, and you can restore account access using the email address you set for recovery.

Go to your Paws account.

You should get a login option and then you can login with your NetID (preferred)

Click on this link to help with instructions to get to your unofficial transcript from your student PAWS account.

Use the IT website for NetID support and other resources. If you contact support, please let them know you are a TEP STUDENT to ensure they understand how to assist you.

IT Website:

Click here

IT Help Desk:

(719) 549-2002

IT Help Ticket:

Click here

Always view your unofficial transcript in your student PAWS account, before ordering your official transcript. Posting of grades is not immediate, to help avoid ordering transcripts with missing courses and/or grades, please verify your unofficial transcripts online first. You must create an account in Parchment if you have never used this service to order an official transcript, if you have an account set up, please use your proper credentials to login. Your account set up in Parchment is not associated with your student PAWS account, you will need to create a new username and password to access Parchment.

• CSU Pueblo Unofficial Transcripts: Instructions to order, click below; 

Click here

• CSU Pueblo Official Transcript Online Order:

Click here

• Registrar’s Office Transcript Phone: (719) 549-2674 - information line only.

CSU Pueblo is not responsible for incomplete official transcript requests.  If you have not viewed your unofficial transcript and placed your order, you will receive your official transcript as is, it will no longer notify you if grades are missing from your transcript.  Once you have viewed your unofficial transcript and are waiting for a grade(s) to roll to your transcript you can order with the HOLD option in parchment and once you see the grade on your unofficial you can notify the registrar's office at 719-549-2261to release your transcript.

Technical tips:

• Use Chrome or Firefox; other browsers may not be compatible

• Turn pop-up blockers off

• Contact IT for additional assistance:

Click here

• Be sure to check your spam or junk folder because personal security email settings often keep the email from getting to your inbox.

If you contact support, please let them know you are a TEP STUDENTto ensure they understand how to assist you.

Please visit the “Students” tab on our webpage for additional helpful information:

Click here

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Teacher Education Program Specialist at 719-549-2048, Jonni Valdez-Silva.