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Elaine Huot

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Elaine Huot is a retired teacher with over 30 years' teaching experience, having taught curricula in both English and French in Canada and the United States. Elaine has taught general education and special education with students from Kindergarten to college.  She graduated from Carleton University Ottawa with a Bachelor of Music, Honors and Art History and has a Master’s Degree in Curriculum Design and Implementation from the University of Toronto, Special Education Specialist from York University and has completed graduate classes at Colorado State University in Boulder, CO. Elaine has taught post graduate classes for Adams State and most recently for TALL (Teachers as Learning Leaders).

Elaine enjoys traveling, cottage restoration and learning to fish for her supper!  She loves sewing, boating and reading just for fun.

Elaine was also the recipient of the Chamber's Educator of the Year award in August 2019, which released the following announcement:

"Congratulations to the Chamber's Educator of the Year, Elaine Huot of Academic Assessment Solutions.

Our Educator of the Year Award is presented by Staufer Team Real Estate, and each year, we’ve had the opportunity to recognize outstanding teachers who have dramatic impact on the lives of children in our community.

Elaine Huot retired from full-time teaching, in both the U.S. and Canada, and began a successful 20-year private practice in Superior, teaching students with learning differences, and offering academic assessments and support to parents and students as an educational advocate. She is a board member and educational advisor to the BVKID organization, Boulder Valley Kids Identified with Dyslexia, and is highly involved with our chamber.

More than 20 individuals – from colleagues to individuals impacted by her work – nominated Elaine for this award. One nominee said, 'Thank God for Elaine. She is a patient, understanding, and all-around phenomenal teacher. She provided our son what our neighborhood school could not. She normalized this journey my family is on and she makes our son understand that he has value and can learn.'"


Courses Elaine Teaches:

Teaching the Dyslexic Student