About Us

The Educator's Place is a Colorado company that meets teachers' needs for recertification, professional development, and salary advancement credits nationally. We are teachers who know what teachers need! We know what you want with regard to your ever-changing curricula and your overfilling plates. We also know that your time is very limited, so we offer quality online classes and training with information that can be used immediately in your own classroom.
All of our Colorado instructors are either teachers that are presently in the classroom every day, or have recently retired from careers in education. The background experience is vastly enormous!

At The Educator's Place in Colorado, we aim to help you get all the teacher recertification credits you need in a relaxed atmosphere, without too much stress, to assist students and teachers to be successful in the classroom.

Courses will be offered for kindergarten to 12th grade, special needs to gifted, behavioral to technological classes. We offer online classes that best meet your needs, every month, for the best price that we can offer. We are here for teachers in Colorado and beyond!
All of our teacher recertification courses are designed to be completed within a four week period, however; you may take up to a full year to complete your online classes and training.
Courses may be taken simultaneously, and you may take up to five courses at a time. No meetings are required, but if you need to meet for any reason, our instructors are available to meet with you. Assistance is always available by email or phone, at any time during the four-week course.
Assignments may be turned in when you have completed them or all at once. Most courses require four to five discussion posts and two to four assignments, done at your convenience over the four weeks.
If you are uncertain as to how an online course works or how to get started, we will meet with you to get you started! The total cost of the 3 credit course to you is $419.00.
Students will be responsible for purchasing the required text. The text can be purchased from a variety of vendors, but a recommended site for purchase is Amazon.