Our Students Are Saying...

"The best features of 'Teaching for Retention and Memory' were the research based brain studies, and all the 11 processes to learning! The best features of "Meeting the Challenges of Autism" were the amazing strategies for instruction! I also enjoyed the social stories, group discussions, and website research. The best features of "Overcoming Sensory Processing Disorders" were the videos and discussion board! This course helped me understand Sensory Processing Disorders better, and how to work with students! These were all amazing courses!"

"The best features of 'Creating a Growth Mindset Classroom' were the timeliness of the information! Mindset culture is big right now, and I want to start incorporating it! I learned from this course that it is very important to provide growth mindset feedback. As teachers, we give feedback all the time, and growth mindset feedback is a great place to start our interactions with our students."

"The textbooks/assigned readings in 'Teaching the Dyslexic Student' were very useful. The assignments were meaningful and practical in application. The instructor’s responses were also relevant and helpful. One thing I will share with my colleagues about this course is: while most students with Dyslexia DO NOT qualify for special education as a student with a Specific Learning Disability, that DOES NOT mean that they do not deserve, intensive, small group, evidence-based interventions. Over time the cumulative effects of struggling to read result in a disengaged learner whose self-concept may impact their ability to access their education."

"The best features of 'Meeting the Challenges of Autism' were the postings of classmates, and the helpful feedback from the instructor. In this class, I have learned so many excellent new strategies for students with Autism!"

"The textbook in 'Work Smarter Not Harder' was amazing, and a great resource along with stories and examples from real teachers. This course was easily applicable to my profession, and I appreciated that I was able to complete the course on my own time!"

"I loved being able to take 'Teaching the Dyslexic Studenton line through a credible university at my own pace. The information and knowledge gained allow me to start my school year better prepared with helping my struggling students! I learned the importance of: early diagnoses, and using multi-sensory techniques."

"I am not a classroom teacher, and the instructor of 'Reaching the Gifted' gave me the flexibility to ensure that the course worked for me. I really appreciated the format of the course, and the flexibility!"

" 'Teaching for Retention and Memory' is an excellent course! I appreciated learning new strategies with aiding in retention and long term memory. I also learned the great importance of reflection for students to remember long term."

"The assigned book for 'Work Smarter Not Harder' was really terrific! The course was full of great, practical tools for improving my teaching!"

" 'Captivating Parents for Student's Success' is a wonderful course! I learned many great strategies for engaging parents. The instructor provided very positive, and insightful feedback on my assignments."

"I appreciated that this course was online. The content of 'Incorporating the Daily Five' was something I could immediately apply within my classroom. The instructor was wonderful."

"I loved the quick feedback from my instructor in the course, 'Incorporating the Daily Five.' I was able to start my next lessons easily because I had feedback quickly, and knew if I needed to make changes. I am excited for my students to be more independent thanks to my new knowledge."

"I completed the course, 'Advance Communication through Listening.' I can apply it immediately to my personal life and professional life. I learned how to teach students to listen, and how we can listen better ourselves."

"In the course, 'Creating a Growth Mindset Classroom,' I learned many excellent ideas that I can present to my classes. Most importantly, I learned a lot of applicable ideas that were very useful. This was very good professional development."

"I love that the course, 'Differentiating Your Classroom 'gave me ideas to use immediately. There are SO many ways to differentiate, and I learned about all of them."

"In 'The Culturally Aware Educator,' I appreciated learning about up-to-date research based information regarding culturally competent teaching. I look forward to sharing my new knowledge of the importance of the diverse learning styles of students who participate in our classrooms. I also learned how to successfully work as a team in delivering appropriate cultural teaching methods."

"In the course, 'Overcoming Sensory Processing Disorders,' I learned specific strategies for working with students who have SPD. I appreciate that the strategies I learned in this course are strategies that I can actually use!"

"In 'Motivation That Works,' the instructor’s feedback was timely and useful. The content of this course was relevant to what I’m teaching. This course was affordable, applicable, and comprehensive."

"Motivation That Works was full of strategies I could utilize immediately with my students. I also appreciated the instructor’s feedback on my blogs and assignments. I will share the textbook with my colleagues, and share strategies from the book also."

"In 'Teaching Mindfulness in the Classroom,' I really enjoyed the course content (textbook and supplementary links). After taking this course, I will be talking more about the physical and mental benefits of bringing mindfulness into the classroom. I may even try to put together a teacher professional development at my school to teach some of these specific exercises to my staff."

"In 'Nurturing Creativity in the Classroom,' I liked the material and ready-to-use strategies, as well as being able to self-pace the course. I will share with my colleagues about the variety of strategies I acquired."

"I enjoyed learning new strategies for creativity in the course, 'Nurturing Creativity in the Classroom.' The best feature of this course is that I learned how creativity can be used in the classroom, while still meeting the standards."

"Thanks, Melinda - I was amazed at how much I got out of your class 'Work Smarter Not Harder'! Several tweaks here and there made a huge difference in my classes. I was motivated this weekend to rewrite our writing assessment rubric and make it more concrete for students. I am working hard to concretely show students what I expect. I also keep my work and student work separated as much as possible and name what student work is each day- it's a work in progress..."

"I have really enjoyed 'Teaching Mindfulness in the Classroom' and have learned so much...I wish I would have known this 25 years ago before I had my own kids. I think I could have been a way better parent with the knowledge I have gained."

"Staci, I thank you for your patience and your effort in helping me get over my online class phobia. I am truly impressed by your willingness to help me. It's really cool for a college professor to care about their students."