Now Offering New Gifted Education Courses!

CSU-Pueblo Online Master's of Education Classes

Meeting the Challenges of Autism
Meeting the Challenges of Autism $389.00
Work Smarter Not Harder
Work Smarter Not Harder $389.00
The Culturally Aware Educator
The Culturally Aware Educator $389.00
Motivation That Works
Motivation That Works $389.00
Creating a Growth Mindset Classroom
Creating a Growth Mindset Classroom $389.00
Poverty and Education
Poverty and Education $389.00
Exploring Restorative Discipline
Exploring Restorative Discipline $389.00
Incorporating The Daily Five
Incorporating The Daily Five $389.00
Organizing the Unorganized Student
Organizing the Unorganized Student $389.00
Differentiating Your Classroom
Differentiating Your Classroom $389.00
Stop The Bullying Epidemic
Stop The Bullying Epidemic $389.00
Teaching Writing For Results
Teaching Writing For Results $389.00
Reaching the Gifted
Reaching the Gifted $389.00
Teaching the Dyslexic Student
Teaching the Dyslexic Student $389.00
Teaching For Retention And Memory
Teaching For Retention And Memory $389.00
Vigilant Classroom Management
Vigilant Classroom Management $389.00
Using Stories to Teach Math
Using Stories to Teach Math $389.00

CSU-Pueblo began offering their first online M.Ed. program in 2019, with an emphasis on Curriculum and Instruction. We are honored to partner with them!

CSU-Pueblo’s Online Master of Education program is composed of three key areas:

  1. Emphasis Area (18 credits): Selected by the graduate student

*ALL courses taken with The Educator's Place (within the last six years) and showing up on a transcript as ED 501 are eligible for use in the Curriculum and Instruction Emphasis Area requirements. 

  1. Core Courses (11 credits): Focus on research and professional change 

*These Core Courses must be completed with CSU-Pueblo Online directly! Students have up to 3 years to complete the Master’s program. Their online courses are offered in 8 week sessions in the Fall and the Spring, and 6 week sessions in the summer. In general ED 502, ED 503 and ED 504 are only offered in the fall and spring. ED 593 is offered in the fall, spring, and occasionally the summer. With that scheduling, students could potentially complete the core in just two semesters. 

For Instance:



ED 502

ED 503


(Aug – Oct)

(Oct – Dec)


ED 504

ED 593


(Jan – Mar)

(Mar – May)

  1. Pedagogy (9 credits): Focus on literacy, differentiation of instruction, and technology 

*Many of our courses are currently in the approval process for this category. Stay tuned for more information coming soon!