Creating a Growth Mindset Classroom

This course is designed to provide teachers with the knowledge and skills to successfully implement a growth mindset within their classroom. Teachers will learn that they can build a responsive, differentiated classroom where all children feel they can be successful in their learning. Teachers taking this course will examine ways to successfully teach what a growth mindset is, they will then take these same strategies back into their own classroom to use immediately. Teachers will help educate families on what a growth mindset is, and how they can create a growth mindset environment within their homes. This course is targeted for K-12 classroom teachers, specialist programs, including special education, literacy, gifted and talented and instructional coaches.

Required Text:

Ricci, Mary Cay. Mindsets In The Classroom: Building a Culture of Success and Student Achievement in Schools. Sourcebooks Inc. 2013.

You can click the image above to purchase the book directly through Amazon.

Instructor: Amanda Sigala

This course is 3 graduate credits.