Creating the Best Possible Classroom for Both Boys and Girls


This online course is designed to provide educators with a way of understanding practical new strategies, and they will discover how to effectively educate both boys and girls based on the latest research in brain science. Educators will learn how to apply strength-based strategies to design successful classrooms for both boys and girls in preschool, elementary, secondary, middle school, and high school. This course will offer a compilation of strategies that educators can implement to improve student achievement and meet the individual needs of both genders.

Required Text:

Gurian, Michael & Stevens, Kathy. Boys and Girls Learn Differently – A Guide for Teachersand Parents. The 10th Anniversary Edition. Jossey-Bass. 2011.

You can click the image above to purchase the book directly through Amazon.

Instructor: Staci Araiza

This course is 3 graduate credits.