An Educator's Guide to Helping Students with Trauma

Course Description:

This online course is designed to provide educators with a way of understanding the importance of building strong relationships, and creating a safe environment to enable students to learn at high levels. Educators will understand what trauma is, and how it obstructs the learning, motivation, and success of all students in the classroom. This course will offer a compilation of strategies that educators can implement in order to maintain a strengths-based approach, leading to the reforming of how one views destructive student behaviors and to perceive what students need to break negative cycles. Educators will discover how to effectively deal with frustration, and burnout with essential self-care techniques that will help teachers and students flourish.

Required Text:

Souers, Kristin & Hall, Pete. Fostering Resilient Learners: Strategies for Creating a Trauma Sensitive Classroom. ASCD Premium, January 2016.

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Instructor: Staci Araiza

This course is 3 graduate credits.