Teaching Literacy to Students of All Cultures

Course Description:

This course is for everyone who teaches English language learners to read and write. Educators will learn to use the most current relevant research findings regarding ELL students into effective classroom practice.Educators will acquire the ability to support the emergence and early development of English literacy skills in nonnative speakers, assist ELL students reach their full potential as readers and writers, connect reading and writing strongly to promote growth, offer practical ways to put research in practice and to be able to assess the literacy skills of ELL students and use that information to plan for instruction This online course is targeted for K-12 classroom teachers, specialist programs including special education, literacy, and gifted and talented, and instructional coaches and principals.

Required text:


Cloud, Nancy, Genesee, Fred, and Hamayan, Else. (2009) Literacy Instruction for English Language Learners. Heinemann.

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Instructor: Melinda Younger

This course is 3 graduate credits.