Leadership & Communication in Gifted Education

Course Description:

This course is designed to offer teachers, gifted education teachers, specialists and coordinators with methods and strategies for successful co-planning, co-teaching, coaching and collaboration with a variety of school professionals. Teachers in the classroom will gain and increase understanding by managing effective collaboration of differentiation and will allow for increased understanding of the gifted students’ needs.

Teachers will become acquainted with effective communication that serves for strategies for professional learning through a focus on shared responsibility, and reflection. This class will provide teachers the tools and “how-to” steps for facilitating and maintaining collaborative work in order to challenge and support gifted students in all academic areas. 

Required text:

Mofield, Ed.D, Emily and Phelps, Ed.D., Vicki. Collaboration, Coteaching and Coaching in Gifted Education.Prufrock Press Inc. 2020 

You can click the image above to purchase the book directly through Amazon.

Instructor: Melinda Younger

This course is 3 graduate credits.