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What Does Professional Development Look Like Online?

Staci Araiza | 01 January, 2018

            What Does Professional Development Look Like Online?

As teachers, we are constantly looking to grow professionally, for ourselves, as well as, our students! Professional development is usually a new program coming down from the administration that is highly suggested for teachers to partake in at an inservice. Sometimes this information is helpful and sometimes it has nothing to do with what you do in your classroom. 

At The Educator's Place there are professional development classes that meet the needs of teachers because our courses are developed by classroom teachers, for teachers! We know what works in the classroom and gear all classes to help you develop professionally by enlightening teachers as to successful practices in their classrooms. 

Our online classes for professional development, recertification and salary advancement credits are done without having to meet in a classroom. The classes can be done at your convenience Think about how nice it would be to actually be developing professionally during your planning period, after school, before bedtime, soccer practice, or any spare moment that comes your way? 

Although many teachers enjoy the interaction between each other in a face to face environment, there is still plenty of interaction and "learning" from others by reading the discussion posts. Discussion posts are available for all teachers to read and engage in. Instructors reply to all posts, which adds even more to the sharing of ideas and knowledge of others. Professional development, recertification and salary advancement credits online make your life easier!