Overcoming Sensory Processing Disorders

Staci Araiza | 16 May, 2017

            Overcoming Sensory Processing Disorders

Would you like to learn ways to effectively overcome Sensory Processing Disorders? Would you like some new strategies to help children with SPD in the classroom, or at home?

Sign up for our professional development course called Overcoming Sensory Processing Disorders. You will learn: how to recognize the correlation between Sensory Processing problems, and how the child is wired. This graduate course will help you discover that an individualistic approach is the best way to approach SPD cases. It is critical for educators to discover what works best for each child, and this course will help you to learn how to accomplish this.

You will also gain knowledge of successful strategies when dealing with sensory processing disorders, and you will acquire effective, efficient and relevant skills that result in student academic achievement. This course will discuss many helpful strategies for helping children to increase focus in the classroom such as providing movement opportunities, headphones, and weighted blankets. This course will also help you to understand ways to build confidence in students.

Finally, you will earn to identify the guiding principles of how to assist all children to become successful learners. This course is targeted for K-12 classroom teachers, specialist programs, including special education, literacy, gifted and talented and instructional coaches. Register today for our 3 credit, graduate course called Overcoming Sensory Processing Disorders.