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The Power of the Adolescent Brain: Strategies for Teaching Middle and High School Students

Course Description:

This course is designed to provide educators with a background in neuroscience research on the adolescent brain and how to use eight essential instructional elements when working with teenagers in the classroom.

These strategies help students develop the ability to think, make healthy choices, regulate their emotions, handle social conflict, consolidate their identities, and learn enough about the world to move into adulthood successfully and productively. Educators will reflect on strategies, interact with other educators, and explore new content focused on the adolescent brain.

Required text:

Armstrong, Thomas, Ph.D. The Power of the Adolescent Brain: Strategies for Middle and High School Students. ASCD. 2016.

You can click the image above to purchase the book directly through Amazon.

Instructor: Stephanie Fast

This course is 3 graduate credits.