Successfully Addressing Student Differences in the Classroom

Successfully Addressing Student Differences in the Classroom

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Course Description:

This course is designed to provide teachers with an understanding of differentiated instruction, how to differentiate curriculum to meet student learning styles and the modification of core curriculum to scaffold student learning. Students will learn specific differentiation strategies and techniques to support student language acquisition and how these strategies and techniques can be applied to Math and Science curriculum. Teachers will learn how to define differentiation; identify the different ways it can be applied across the curriculum and how it effects academic achievement for general education students and students with learning challenges. Teacher will also receive information and practical applications of assessment tools that are effective for process monitoring student growth and data collection when core curriculum has been differentiated to meet students’ academic needs. Additionally, students will receive information regarding current, research based methodologies and teaching practices to enable successful learning. This course is targeted for K-12 classroom teachers, specialist programs including special education, literacy, gifted and talented, and instructional coaches and principals.

Required text:  

Tomlinson Carol Ann, The Differentiated Classroom, Responding to the Needs of All LearnersASCD, 2nd Edition, 2014.

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Instructor: Elaine Huot

This course is 3 graduate credits.