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Gifted Core Endorsement Package

 Courses Included:

  1. Reaching the Gifted
  2. Leadership & Communication in Gifted Education
  3. Foundations of Gifted Education and Best Practices
  4. Gifted Learner & Program Assessment
  5. Curriculum for Gifted Learners
  6. Instructional Strategies & Planning for the Gifted
  7. Understanding & Affirming the Social Emotional Needs of Gifted Learners

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You have 1 year to begin and complete your courses.  

1.) Reaching the Gifted required text:

Winebrenner, Susan. Teaching Gifted Kids in Today's Classroom. Free Spirit Publishing. 2012 (Third edition).

2.) Leadership & Communication in Gifted Education required text:

Mofield, Ed.D, Emily and Phelps, Ed.D., Vicki.  Collaboration, Coteaching and Coaching in Gifted Education. Prufrock Press Inc. 2020 

3.) Foundations of Gifted Education and Best Practices required text:

Robinson, Ann, Shore, Bruce M., & Enersen, Donna L. (2007). Best Practices in Gifted Education - An Evidence-Based Guide. Prufrock Press Inc.

4.) Gifted Learner & Program Assessment required text:

Trail, Beverly A., Twice Exceptional Gifted Children. Prufrock Press Inc.  2011.

5.) Curriculum for Gifted Learners required text: 

Housand, Angela M., Housand, Brain C. & Renzulli, Joseph S. (2017). Using the Schoolwide Enrichment Model With Technology. Prufrock Press Inc.

6.) Instructional Strategies & Planning For The Gifted required text:

Stobaugh, Rebecca, Strategies to Boost Cognitive Engagement. Solution Tree Press. 2019

7.) Understanding and Affirming the Social Emotional Needs of Gifted Learners required text:

Neihart, Maureen, Pfeiffer, Steven I. & Cross, Tracy L. (2016). The Social and Emotional Development of Gifted Children - What Do We Know? (Second Edition). Prufrock Press Inc.

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You will need more than the 7 courses within this package in order to obtain your endorsement. Please carefully follow the endorsement worksheet’s guidelines: Here. 24 total credits are required for this endorsement, and our 7 courses are only 21 total credits. Please note: the 24 total credits required may include a maximum of six semester hours of documented professional development or work experience.

This endorsement does not require an approved program, and The Educator's Place is not an approved program. At The Educator's Place, we offer our set of classes that we designed to fit the endorsement requirements. When you apply for your endorsement through CDE, please choose "Credit or Assessment.” There is a question that asks: “Have you completed an approved program, or are you seeking to add an additional endorsement by qualifying under credit or assessment?” "Credit or Assessment" refers to 24 semester hours of college credit, and this is the option you will need to select.